Welcome to Mindful Effervescence!

Hi there! 

Welcome to Mindful Effervescence. My name is Maria Esposito and I am the founder and sole contributor (for now) to the Mindful Effervescence blog. I’ve been trying to join the blogosphere for a while now, and the start of 2014 seemed to be the perfect time!

In order to understand the purpose of this blog and the topics I’ll be writing about, you need to know six majorly crucial things about me.

1. I love all things, people and ideas full of effervescence. In other words, I love anything and everything to do with bubbles, glitter, sparkle, shine, vivacity, enthusiasm, happiness, etc. You get the idea. I am a very happy person.

2. I live for public relations. When I’m not blogging or shamelessly online shopping, I’m fully immersed in the incredible world of PR.

3. With the above being said, I drink coffee every day, twice a day. Preferably hot, black and venti.

4. I firmly believe that you and you alone have the power to determine your own happiness, and thus, your own effervescence.

5. I LOVE, love (And Christian Grey).

6. I firmly believe that making up your own words is an extremely appropriate means of informal communication.

Again, welcome to Mindful Effervescence. Cheers to 2014! 



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