Dreaming is doing. #hashtagsdonthelp

With my college graduation over with and my feet (somewhat) firmly planted in the real world, I can now come back to Mindful Effervescence and put much more effort into this sweet and inspirational blog.

Although the inevitable inspirational speech at my university’s graduation was enlightening and inspiring, the speech given by Shonda Rhimes for the Dartmouth class of 2014 really hit home for me. For those of you who don’t know, Shonda Rhimes is an extremely talented writer who can be credited with writing the two hit television series, Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. Not only are these two of my absolute favorite shows, but Shonda Rhimes is truly a force to be reckoned with. I hardly consider myself a feminist, but she brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “girl power.” Actually, not even just girl power. Human power. These next few quotes hardly cover every key inspirational point of her endearing speech, but they definitely bring inspiration into my life. It is my hope that they bring inspiration and drive into yours too.

“A lot of people dream. And while they are busy dreaming, the really happy people, the really successful people, the really interesting, powerful, engaged people? Are busy doing. The dreamers, they stare at the sky and they make plans and they hope and they think and they talk about it endlessly. And they start a lot of sentences with ‘I want to be’ or ‘I wish.’ ‘I want to be a writer.’ ‘I wish I could travel around the world.”

Shonda–you killed it with this. Honestly, I’m not sure if truer words were ever spoken. As a recent college graduate, now is my time to “do.” It’s not my time to wish, or want, or dream, or “what if” myself into oblivion. It’s time to start doing.

“A hashtag is not helping. #yesallwomen #takebackthenight #notallmen #bringbackourgirls #StopPretendingHashtagsAreTheSameAsDoingSomething”

“Hashtags are very pretty on Twitter. I love them. I will hashtag myself into next week. But a hashtag is not a movement. A hashtag does not make you Dr. King. A hashtag does not change anything. It’s a hashtag. It’s you, sitting on your butt, typing into your computer and then going back to binge-watching your favorite show.”

Once again, Shonda makes me rethink everything. I was one of the millions of women (and men) who used the #yesallwomen and #notallmen hashtags in response to the devastating Santa Barbara shootings, but what did I do about it? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I thought about all the ways I’ve been treated disrespectfully by a man. I thought of ways I could prevent it in the future. No, there have not been very many and I’ve been blessed with having an incredible father and boyfriend for most of my life. But what did I DO in response to my thoughts? While I’ve been dreaming of a world where sexual slavery, rape, racism and disrespect didn’t exist, what have I done to make a difference besides use a hashtag in one of my 1,700 tweets to a mere 400 followers? Absolutely nothing.

From this point forward, I have promised myself that I will begin my journey into the world by doing. Not thinking and not dreaming. I will do everything and anything that crosses my mind, and the only thinking I will do is the thinking back on how I achieved my goals and made my dreams happen.


If you want to view Shonda Rhimes’ incredible speech—here is a link, courtesy of zap2it.




Pay Other People in a Pop with Popmoney!

I know I haven’t posted in a while, but like a lot of us, my life in 2014 has been picking up speed. Some things have just moved to the back of my mind! One of those things, besides writing in my blog, is paying other people!

Enter Popmoney

Popmoney Homepage

Popmoney is a convenient, online person-to-person payment service that allows users to pay other people quickly and easily!

Did I mention that it was convenient?

At first, I had two MAJOR concerns with using a service like this. Security. And security. After using Popmoney, I realized that my information couldn’t be more secure. I’ve never had an issue and they go to extreme measures to make sure that all of my information is safe and only accessible to me.

Creating an account with Popmoney takes less than five minutes. Just make sure you have access to your account and routing numbers.

Once your account is created, you can request or send money to ANYONE in the country as long as they have an email address or mobile phone number. The process of sending and requesting takes less than 5 minutes and becomes easier the more you do it.


Since I’ve created my Popmoney account, I’ve used it for the following transactions:

  • Sending money to my friends to pay them back for various expenses
  • Receiving allowance money from my parents
  • Purchasing tickets from various organizations on my university’s campus

Honestly, I don’t know how Popmoney hasn’t been a part of my life before now.

To create an account, visit www.popmoney.com OR download the user-friendly Popmoney app on your phone’s app store.



Disclaimer- I was not compensated in any way for this post and all opinions are my own, in support of the PRSSA Georgia Collegechapter and the Bateman Competition .

Mindful Monday

Today’s Mindful Monday was inspired by all of the ignorant and unnecessary (in my opinion) negative backlash towards the Coca-Cola “America the Beautiful” Super Bowl commercial. Whether ‘America the Beautiful’ is sung in English, Spanish, French or Arabic, it still means and always will mean, ‘America the Beautiful.’ 

“I am an American; free born and free bred, where I acknowledge no man as my superior, except for his own worth, or as my inferior, except for his own demerit.”

-Theodore Roosevelt 



Mindful Monday

“Chocolate comes from cocoa, which is a tree.
That makes it a plant.
Chocolate is salad.”

Normally, Mindful Mondays are going to be insightful, mindful and full of inspiration. However, there is nothing wrong with jumpstarting this week with a little humor. Next time you feel a little guilty about that late night chocolatey snack, don’t. It’s salad. 🙂